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WTCA Day: 12 June 2022

In 2002, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg proclaimed 12 June as WTCA Day, an initiative that was subsequently recognised by the office of the United Nations Secretary General. The aim is to recognise the WTCA and its network of WTCs that encourage and facilitate trade, promote economic development and foster peace.

On the occasion of the WTCA Day celebration, different WTCs around the world have organised many events. Here are some of them:



On Monday 13 June, WTC Rennes Bretagne, in partnership with MAHABDI Consulting, FERDOWSI Legal and DELUBAC bank, organised a round table on trade relations with Iran. The speakers on the ground and present at this round table evoked the complexity of the Iranian market, its sanctions and constraints as well as the existing banking circuits.


Thursday 16 June saw the second edition of the "Towards a New World" conferences, a laboratory of ideas and reflection. The event, organised by the WTC Nantes (International Ouest Club) and the CCI Nantes St-Nazaire, focused on the theme of "The art of leading in a new world" and was moderated by Clément Lesort, economic journalist.

In order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of WTCA Day globally, the WTCA also launched a social media campaign and invited all WTCs in the network to participate.

You will find below the video that was shot by WTC Metz-Saarbrücken on this occasion!