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Discover all the reasons to join the World Trade Center Metz-Saarbrücken.

To join is to benefit


personalised support


a reliable network of correspondents abroad


temporary accommodation in all the WTCs in the world


an international business club to boost your sales

To join is to allow


strengthening international culture


identification of clients and partners worldwide


promotion within the Greater Cross-Border Region and on other continents

To join is to PARTICIPATE



in national, cross-border and international events


in international missions


in a network dynamic



Joining the Business Network in the Greater Cross-Border Region

Becoming a member of WTC Metz-Saarbrücken will allow you to join a local, regional and international business network. You will have access to a network of more than 310 WTCs worldwide to make your life easier internationally and to develop your business network.

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David Delhaye, IAD France

"In order to enter the German market, where the legislation differs from that of France, we had to develop a strategy. It was in this context that I called on WTC Metz-Saarbrücken... Within a short time, our first objectives were achieved."

Carole Schenck, KPMG France

"The events organised by the WTC allow us to be in contact with people from other backgrounds, cultures, institutions and companies. The interest is to spend a convivial moment, but above all to talk about development, recruitment... It generates networking!

Jean-Luc Bieber, Cabinet Jurope

"The Business Lunch is a joint event organised by the Saarland Chamber of Commerce and the World Trade Center Metz-Saarbrücken and takes place alternately in Saarbrücken and Metz. The aim is to expand your network of business contacts in Saarland for the Lorraine residents and in Lorraine for the Saarlanders: it is not certain that you will meet the customer you are looking for here, but it is possible that your neighbour at the table knows him, so don't hesitate to exchange information and contacts, that's why you are here!

Alexi Perrino, Materalia

"Materalia and the WTC Metz-Saarbrücken have always worked in harmony. We are fortunate to have both a different and complementary approach to our members, with WTC being closer to the market and Materalia being closer to innovation."

Pierre Frank, Tallyos

"Strongly focused on the international market, Tallyos has found with its historical partner, the World Trade Center network, a formidable international commercial accelerator, especially in Europe and Africa. "